Saturday, September 27, 2014

Institute of Medicine's Report on Dying in America

 Recently the Institute of Medicine has issued a comprehensive report on end of life care in America.  This two year review by a diverse and highly qualified committee was supported in part by an anonymous donor.  The complete report and summaries are available to download in a PDF format.

See this for a video report by the pannel.

A recent editorial in the New York Times discusses just how broken and difficult to navigate our "system" of health care can become.  Do we have the ability to improve?  Yes, but not without a lot of changes which are recommended in the Institute of Medicine's report.


  1. I posted this on the YouTube site:

    Thank you to the Institute of Medicine for this important report.

    I am a geriatric and hospice physician in California practicing for 33 years.

    Communication is mentioned multiple times, but in order for the public and patient (as well as physician) to understand their role, defining “palliative” and “hospice” care is mandatory. Not many understand the distinction. Please see my attempt at clarity:

    The ignored “elephant in the room” are those businesses (mainly hospitals and HMOs) that escalate our elder seniors into end-of-life for profit:

    Being on the frontline of geriatric care, I have to fight daily for patient rights as they are misdirected and manipulated into decision-making that financially benefits shady organizations attempting to remain under the radar.

    I hope the Institute of Medicine Report will be a force in transparency and accountability in this evolving arena.

    Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.
    Santa Clarita, CA

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