Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ain't No Way to Die - Rapping in the ICU

There’s lots of talk about having “the conversation” with loved ones and warnings about being enmeshed in the medical-industrial complex as we are dying.  As Atul Gawande put it in Being Mortal, “Lacking a coherent view of how people might live successfully all the way to their very end, we have allowed our fates to be controlled by the imperatives of medicine, technology, and strangers.”

In a fast paced rapping video really meant for our kids and grandkids, here’s Ain’t The Way To Die, based on the Eminem and Rihanna masterpiece Love The Way You Lie.  Send it on to the younger generation if you want them to understand!  (And scroll down on the link for the lyrics if needed.)


  1. Wow !!! Having "grown up" (and old) thinking of end of life decision making at its best as a process of careful deliberation, I was blown away at the power of this video. I have sent the link on to friends. Thanks!!!!

  2. This is a great video! And hopefully helps bring a little levity to conversations that most people absolutely dread. Maybe if we make them more common place we won't leave them to the last minute...and give our families some peace of mind in the meantime.